Septic Systems

From single family dwellings to 10,000 gallon a day systems; simple gravity or complex pre-treatment systems, Kraemer Trucking and Excavating is your source for YOUR septic system work. Experienced designers, a history of quick service and a reputation for meeting deadlines, Kraemer Trucking and Excavating is a clear choice for your next project.

  • Design/Permit/Certification/Installation
  • Simple to Complex Systems
  • One Tank to Multiple Tank Systems
  • Single Family Housing to Multi Dwelling
  • Gravity Trench Drain Fields
  • Pressure Bed Drain Fields
  • Above Ground Mounds
  • Pre-Treatment Systems
  • Holding Tanks
  • Waste Strength Testing

    Your septic system is an excellent and inexpensive way to dispose of your household wasterwater. However, disposal is only the secondary function of the system. The primary purpose for the system is to properly treat the wastewater that you and your family use, before it is recycled back into the groundwater supply.

    For your convenience, Kraemer Trucking and Excavating offers an annual system maintenance program. Upon enrollment, we will;

  • Visually inspect the exterior system components to insure proper operation.
  • Clean and exchange the Zabel effluent filter.
  • Check the septic tank sludge and scum levels to see if pumping is required.
  • Test the sewage strength to be certain that it falls within the range of the systems ability to treat wastewater.

    Although enrollment is optional, maintenance must still be performed for a long system life. With 71 years of experience, Kraemer Trucking and Excavating will insure proper treatment of wastewater for years to come.
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